Water Sculpture

This sculpture was inspired by the idea of creating a water sculpture suitable for larger estates, gardens and landscapes. It will work equally well as a water sculpture on its own or as the  central focal point of a larger pond or water feature. Water flow and effect can be adjusted to suit individual needs. In the videos shown below as well as in my blog post here the sculpture is powered by a 1500 GPH submersible Aquascape Ultra™ water pump at maximum flow rat.e Higher flow rates can be achieved by using a larger capacity pump. Wind direction and wind speeds further influence water effects.

This sculpture is a creation using a hand troweled ferro-cement process. It has also been stained with Ecco friendly stains to project the colour of a basalt column with additional colours created by the flow of mineral rich glacial waters over time. Two coats of sealer ensure many years of maintenance free operation and viewing pleasure.

This sculpture is 181 cm (71.25 inches) tall by 50 cm (19.75 inches) wide by 70 cm (27.5 inches) deep.

This is a signed original “one-off” exemplar (no mold has been taken and it will not be reproduced as is)

Price available on request.

Installation: Quoted as per client location, logistics and specific site or artistic requirements.