I have started on a new series of sculptures which I’m going to call the “Celestial Series”. The name of the series is to reflect the theme of shapes and organizations reminiscent of crescents, spheres, orbits, moons, conjunctions and constellations. These sculptures are cast as opposed to being built up on top of an armature. I’m also subjecting the individual components to a process which results in an interesting polish that will catch light and produce fascinating reflections, thus adding to the subtle mystique of the sculptures.

Below is a picture of a work in progress showing the stages of raw cast (left), ground cast (middle) and partially polished cast (right, main surface only). The process is messy as I’m using a water polishing machine. It’s also time consuming as it goes through 8 separate grinding and polishing cycles using diamond grit from 50 to 3000 plus a final buff cycle.

Celestial series sculpture components

Celestial series sculpture components getting polished

The polishing process also reveals the subtleties of colour variation within the concrete design I’m using for these sculptures.

Celestial Series Surface Detail

Celestial Series – surface detail