The Kawartha Lakes Arts Council was kind enough to run a feature article on me. Unfortunately under the current Covid restrictions and precautionary measures in place the interview was conducted with full face masks. Not great obviously but the article and pictures did come out very well given the circumstances. Check it out below.

Third year running now, I’m a member of the Kawartha Lakes Arts Council as evidenced below :-).

Chroma Series "Glowing Departure Of Verde" Painting

Random Thoughts 5 Painting

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A while back I got fed up with the old swinging barn door that needed adjusting at every turn so I converted it into a sliding door. This proved to be a worthwhile effort and mad it a lot easier to get into the studio. The only problem was that it was still far from “tight” and pretty much any small animal up to the size of a raccoon could squeeze in through the gaps. Not only that, as you can see in the picture below, the weather also had no barrier to entry LOL.

New door solution on the project list…

Snow in barn